Bag Worms

These photos were taken on the property of Hoof Prints Ranch in Stephenvile, Texas. Very destructive tree killers. Notice the first cedar tree in this photo and how it is brown and dieing. As you look down the row of trees you can see how once they take over one tree, they move on to the next. Luckily, I noticed the poor health of the cedars and called Danny right away. He showed up the same day, exterminated the pests and now my trees have come back to life with no more bag worms.

These cedar tree are infested with bag worms and need to be exterminatated quickly.

As soon as you see bag worms be sure to call Danny and he will keep them from killing your trees.

A close up picture of the bags attached to a cedar tree.  There are thousands of these bags attached and the pests wil kill the tree if not controlled.

Click here for more information on bag worms.

Danny spraying the cedar trees to exterminate the bag worms in Stephenville, Texas

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